1.8 - The city of Rome, Borgo and Trastevere

Aerial view of the city centre of Rome -

Rome, the Eternal City, the Head of the World, is one of the cradles of "western civilisation", and a city who has lived the last two thousand and five hundred years as a major player in the political, religious and cultural domain. Each century and each event has left traces still visible in the city, its buildings and its inhabitants, creating an unique environment that can be seen in only few other places in the world.

The city

As one can imagine, the city is shaped by the geography as much as by the story. The current city centre is in the ancient Campus Martius and monuments are scattered everywhere in the areas delimited by the Aurelian Walls. From there, the new city continues along the path of the ancient Roman roads (Aurelia, Flaminia, Nomentana, Tiburtina, Appia...) which are now, in their initial parts, also the main streets of the city.

Borgo and Trastevere. On the right side of the river Tiber these two Rioni (the administrative division of the city centre) border the Vatican city. Borgo growth during the middle age and the renaissance next to the Vatican and the Basilica of St Peter. It is now a posh area where ancient families and functionaries of the Vatican live. Trastevere is a more ancient but also recently developed (recently in the perspective of Rome...) area. It is a popular area famous for its restaurants and nightlife, although now is becoming trendy and upmarket. Apart of the ancient characteristics roads, it is possible to see here the church of Santa Maria in TrastevereCastel Sant'Angelo, the park of the Janicumum, and Via della Conciliazione on the way to the Vatican.

Via della Conciliazione from the dome of St Peter
St Maria in Trastevere, interior

Where to stay.

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